Warning: These slides from talks are in some cases very rough. Also, there are often important points that were made verbally in the talks but were not included on the slides -- the slides are not self-contained. So use with caution. Ignore the "Keynote" links unless you have that program and want to watch arrows fade in and out of existence.

Low-dimensionsal G-bordism and G-modular TQFTs (Simons Center, June 2017) * PDF
Higher dimensional Temperley-Lieb categories, orthogonal polynomials, and (3+ε)-dimensional TQFTs (Davis, Jan 2017) * PDF
Codimension 1 defects, categorified group actions, and condensing fermions (Princeton, Feb 2014) * PDF (no intermediate "builds"; 2.7 MB); slightly modified version (IPAM, Jan 2015) * PDF
Premodular TQFTs (ESI Vienna, Feb 2014) * PDF (no intermediate "builds"; 5.6 MB)
(n+epsilon)-dimensional TQFTs and a higher dimensional Deligne conjecture (Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, May 2012) * PDF (no intermediate "builds"; 3.9 MB); new and improved version (Berkeley, Apr 2013) PDF (no intermediate "builds"; 4.4 MB)
Higher dimensional Deligne conjecture (Stanford and Berkeley, Apr 2011) * PDF (5.7 MB), also smaller PDF (without intermediate "builds"; 3.4 MB)
Defining n-categories, modules, etc. (Riverside, Nov 2009) * PDF (9.5 MB)
  (.... see also Scott Morrison's companion talk)
Another blob talk (Georgia Topology Conference, May 2009) * PDF (6.1 MB)
Fields, blobs and TQFTs (Berkeley, Jan 2009) * PDF (4.1 MB) * Keynote (4.2 MB)
TQFTs and contact structures (USC, Feb 2008) * PDF (6.5 MB) * Keynote (6.8 MB)
The TQFT trace and free probability (Toronto, Sep 2007) * PDF (5.7 MB) * Keynote (9.8 MB)
Khovanov homology as a TQFT (Columbia, Apr 2007) * PDF (2.3 MB) * Keynote (3.2 MB)
Deletion-contraction relations, hard hexagons, and the shadow world (IPAM, Mar 2007) * PDF (7.7 MB) * Keynote (12.4 MB)

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