This page is quite old. Go here for the latest versions of jhex and jtwixt.


Download either the Windows/Unix version (zip format) or the Macintosh version (Stuffit 5 format).

The archives contain (1) the Jhex hex game analyzer program, (2) a large library of 10x10 hex games (file 10x10hex.hgt), and (3) documentation.

Game library

The file 10x10hex.hgt has a lot of 10x10 games. Many thanks to Javerberg, kogorman and TerryD for contributing collections of games to the Library. Especial thanks to ecoist and Bill Leboeuf for adding lots of variations to the library.

Additions to the 10x10 library are hereby solicited. These can be in the form of Playsite game records, PBeM ( game records, or jhex files. Games between strong players only, please.

The library has grown quite large, so: (1) It might take a few seconds to load. Be patient. (2) It takes up a large amount of memory (~50 megs). If you're getting errors when opening the library, try closing some other applications in order to free up more memory. In the future, I'll probably change the file format so that the entire tree need not reside in memory.

To run application

On Windows or Unix:

[The following is for Windows. I assume that Unix users are clever enough to adapt the instructions to their platform.]

(1) Unzip the archive. There should be a files named Jhex.jar, 10x10hex.hgt, README_hex.html and other documentation files.

(2) Install Sun's Java Runtime Environment. I recommend the latest version (1.3), which can be found here. (Earlier versions, like 1.1.8, also work, but that's not guaranteed for the future.)

(3) If you installed Java 1.3, you should be able to double-click on the JhexClasses.jar file. For Java 1.1.8, run the command line "jre -cp C:\some_folder_names\Jhex.jar HexGameTreeApp", where "C:\some_folder_names\ " is replaced with a full or relative path name to the Jhex.jar file.

On a Mac:

(1) Unstuff the archive (you'll need Stuffit version 5 or higher). There should be a files named Jhex.jar, Jhex (the Jhex application), 10x10hex.hgt, README_hex.html and other documentation files.

(2) Make sure you have MRJ (Macintosh Runtime for Java) 2.2 or higher installed.

(3) Run the Jhex application (double-click it).

More Documentation


Please contact me at kevin at if (a) you have bug reports or feature suggestions, (b) you would like to be notified about updates, or (c) you successfully run the program.

I work on a Macintosh, so there may be some glitches getting things to run on Windows or Unix. If you have problems, let me know and I may be able to help.

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